What is a typical Uber accident settlement payout?

Uber accidents are becoming more common as more and more Americans are turning to ride-share services as an alternative to taxis. But this is putting people at higher risk of car accidents. If you are hurt during an Uber ride, you may want to know how much you could get in a car accident settlement

As with any car accident, your car accident settlement amount depends on the circumstances of the wreck and your car accident injuries. There are reported settlements with Uber for serious accidents of $1 million, $955,000, $896,000, $500,000 and $610,000. Whether your case could be worth that much or much less depends case specifics. A personal injury attorney can review your case at no charge and determine a ballpark figure for your uber accident settlement based on past settlements in accidents similar to yours. 

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If you are hurt as a passenger or pedestrian by an Uber driver, you could be covered by the company’s $1 million liability policy, depending on whether you were a passenger at the time of the crash, and whether the driver was working on the clock at the time. 

Uber typically pays settlements between $10,000 and $1 million, but you can only sue Uber itself in certain situations, such as when the driver caused the accident and he was on the clock, or on the clock and with a passenger. If he was not with a passenger at the time, the driver’s personal auto insurance usually is the only option for compensation. 

Factors That Influence An Uber Accident Settlement Amount

Factors that will determine your Uber accident settlement amount are: 

  • How severe your injuries are. Medical records and treatments after your injuries will play a major role in the size of your settlement. Get treatment as soon as possible after your Uber injury so that you have good medical records available when you file suit. 
  • Current and future rehabilitation and medical costs. 
  • Economic damages you suffered. This amount can include loss of income and future earning capacity because of long term injuries and disabilities you suffered. 
  • Non-economic damages: You may be entitled to recover money for emotional distress and physical pain you endured. Your pain and suffering compensation can be calculated by per-diem or by assigning a number between 1 and 5 to your suffering, and then multiplying it by your economic damages. 
  • Insurance coverage available: Uber has a $1 million liability policy available. But if the driver did not have his ride-share app on when the crash happened, the insurance coverage of the driver applies. If the ride-share app was on but there were no passengers in the vehicle, there is a $250,000 policy limit. If the ride-share app was in use and the driver is connected with a possible passenger, or if the driver is going to pick up the passenger, the $1 million limit applies. If you were in the vehicle as a passenger when the crash happened, the $1 million policy applies. 


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