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Accident Facts

I was injured in a T-Bone car accident a few weeks ago in Sacramento, California.

The accident happened on a clear day at 3:00 PM. I was driving home from work in my car (a 2019 Toyota Camry) down a Folsom Boulevard when the other driver driving a 2020 Honda Accord, ran a red light and hit me on my driver’s side door. The impact of the collision was so strong that it caused my car to spin out of control and hit a tree.

Car Accident Settlement


I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I had suffered a broken leg in the car accident, a dislocated shoulder, and a mild concussion. I also had some bruises. I had to do X-rays of my leg and shoulder to determine the extent of damage and visualize the fracture of my tibia.

To fix my tibia, I had to undergo an ORIF surgery; the orthopedic surgeon placed pins to hold my bone fragment in place to heal. As a result, I could not walk for several months; I relied on crutches and walking aids.

I also suffered incessant headaches after the accident; because of this, I had to do a CT scan of my brain. 

The accident caused me a lot of pain and suffering. I could not work for several weeks and had to miss out on many activities I enjoyed. I am still recovering from the accident, but grateful that I am alive.

Medical Treatment

After the surgery, I was in great pain, so the doctor prescribed pain medications for me, which I took. After that, my bruises were cleaned daily, and my dressing was also changed.

My recovery from the accident was slow and difficult. First, I had to wear a sling for my shoulder for several weeks. Then, after three weeks at the hospital, I had to go for physical therapy. I did this for several months; the therapist helped me regain my shoulder’s full range of motion. I also started learning to walk again and getting used to crutches for mobility. 


The other driver’s insurance company, USAA, paid for the damage to my car, medical bills, and also my pain and suffering damages. I hired a lawyer after getting a free legal consultation. I felt that she understood my situation and I was happy to let someone else negotiate my car accident settlement with the insurance company.

The first thing she did was to file a personal injury claim against USAA. Next, they assigned a claims adjuster to my case, who asked me several questions concerning the accident.

At this point, I presented all my documents, bills, receipts, and every piece of evidence I collected, including witness statements, police reports, and expert testimonies.

They offered to settle my claim for $150,000, much less than the amount I expected. 

At this point, my ambulance ride, surgery, and hospital stay alone was more expensive than that! On top of this, all the pain medication, physical & cognitive therapy, and medical equipment cost another $40,000. Then there was the month or so of work I missed, and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to walk around, cook for my family, or do most of the day to day activities I had been doing. 

Susan negotiated further, and after some final negotiations around how much the pain & suffering multiplier should be, they agreed to pay me $350,000 T Bone car accident settlement, which I felt was fair as it covered all my expenses and put some money in my pocket. .My lawyer deducted her fee only when the money came through. I’m thrilled that I can still afford to take care of myself after a long, painful, and expensive ordeal. 

Car Accident Settlement

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