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Pickup Truck Accident Facts

It had been a typical day on the road. It was March of 2023 and I was driving my pickup truck, a 2020 Ford F150, down State Road 262 in Fremont, California. But everything changed instantly when another driver in a Toyota Tacoma ran a red light and T-Boned my vehicle, directly on the driver’s side. I remember feeling the impact of the crash before my truck skidded to a halt on the pavement. The at-fault driver was ok and came to my aid before calling for first responders. 

Injuries Suffered in the Pickup Truck Accident

The impact of the crash caused me some severe injuries. I wasn’t aware of how severe my injuries were at first, but my entire body hurt and I was probably in shock until later that day when I got to the hospital. 

As it turned out, I suffered a closed head injury, dislocation to my left shoulder, and a laceration on my left arm would ultimately require several stitches to close. In addition, I could not walk due to the pain in my back. I also had a pounding headache. It was clear that I needed medical care as soon as possible, so the ambulance rushed me to the emergency room at Washington Hospital

Medical Treatment

At the emergency room I was given pain medication and stitched up. Everything still hurt and I had a massive headache. Breathing was painful, and I couldn’t get out of bed for nearly a day. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with a grade 2 concussion, a dislocated shoulder and 2 herniated discs in my back as a result of the car accident. I was given a prescription for pain medication and told to rest and relax in a dark room for at least a week, while using a sling for my injured shoulder for 4 weeks whenever I wasn’t in bed. 

I was referred to a physical therapist to start working with me to regain function in my shoulder and back, but needed to wait a week or two until my concussion symptoms after the car accident subsided.   

Physical Recovery

My recovery process included extensive cognitive rehabilitation, follow up medical treatments, and physical therapy. The mental rehab focused on restoring my cognitive function to normal since I had suffered a concussion in the car accident. The physical therapy focused on strengthening my weak muscles, increasing flexibility, and helping me regain the full range of motion in my body parts injured in the accident. It took several months to resume daily activities such as walking, driving, and working. Although the process was long and often painful, I was eventually able to return to my everyday life.

Pickup Truck Accident Settlement Negotiations

The other driver was at fault, and their insurance company, USAA, was responsible for paying for my damages. I had Geico insurance, and they were able to help as well. 

The first step was to file a claim with USAA. I provided them with all of the necessary information, including the police report, my medical records, and estimates for the cost to replace my truck, which was a total loss. USAA then assigned a claims adjuster to my case.

The claims adjuster contacted me to discuss my claim and start the car accident settlement process, which he said would take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. They asked me questions about the accident and reviewed the evidence I had provided. My hospital stay and related expenses cost over $100,000. My truck, which was still pretty new and in great shape, was worth around $50,000. The ongoing physical therapy, follow up visits, prescriptions, and seeing a cognitive specialist had cost $10,000 or so in just the first 8 weeks after the accident, and this was expected to continue for at least another month or two. 

In addition to this, I had missed work as a manager of a construction company, since with my injuries I couldn’t sit in a car to drive between job sites, lift anything, or even walk around. In the first 2 months since the accident this had cost me about $15,000 more, and I was going to be limited in what I could do for at least 3 more months, according to the doctors. I thought given all of these expenses, and the fact that I was barely able to sleep, unable to play with my kids, and generally having a pretty rough time with life, $325,000 would be a fair amount to ask for. 

The adjuster offered me a car accident settlement of $150,000. Needless to say, I was unhappy with the amount. I spoke with an experienced car accident lawyer in Oakland at this point, and he agreed to take on the case as he felt $175,000 was egregiously low. From then on, he continued dealing with the claim’s adjuster, and things got a lot easier. We went back and forth a few times and eventually agreed on a settlement amount of $300,000, which I felt was a fair compromise and left me with plenty to pay my bills, as well as some money to compensate me for my pain & suffering. .

Once we agreed on a settlement amount, USAA sent my lawyer a check for $300,000, and after taking his fees I was fully compensated with right around $200,000. The check covered the cost of the damage to my truck, my medical expenses, and compensation for my pain and suffering. I was thrilled with the outcome of the negotiation and settlement process.

The amount of the pickup truck accident settlement covered all of my medical expenses, as well as an additional sum for lost wages due to time spent in recovery and rehabilitation. 

Even after my attorney fees were removed, I still had enough to cover any additional costs associated with my accident.

Overall, I am grateful that I was able to secure a fair pickup truck accident settlement that allowed me to regain financial stability and focus on getting back to optimum health. While it took some time and patience, I am now back on the road, driving more safely than ever!

Also, I hired my attorney on a contingency basis, and I did not have to pay attorney fees out of pocket. He only deducted the fees when the insurance payout came through. His fee of 33% seemed more than fair considering all the time he saved me, and I’m pretty sure I would never have received such a large car accident settlement if I tried to negotiate my claim on my own. 


No one should have to go through the trauma of a severe car accident. But suppose you find yourself in this situation. In that case, taking the necessary steps to obtain proper medical care and negotiate for a fair pickup truck accident settlement is essential. Then, with patience, dedication, and a qualified legal team, you can regain financial security and peace of mind while on the road to physical recovery.


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