How to file a claim for a settlement after experiencing back injury symptoms

Imagine that you are in a car accident that is not your fault. You have suffered serious back injury symptoms and property damages. As an educated driver, you know that you should obtain the other driver’s insurance information and file a claim with the other party’s insurance for your injuries and damages.

So now, let’s also assume that you receive a letter from the driver’s insurance company offering you a settlement of your car accident case. Should you take it? You may not know what the answer is. The insurance company could offer you a low settlement amount for your back injury. If you have substantial injuries, you need to know how to effectively deal with the insurance adjuster so you get as much compensation as possible.

Step 1: Document Everything

You need to have as much documentation about the accident as possible. You should have the police report, first of all. Also, you should see a medical professional as soon as possible after the crash. You need to have your back injury symptoms from the car accident documented by your doctor. All of the documents that you collect will be essential to getting a fair settlement.

Step 2: Report the Claim

After you have the documentation of the accident and your back injuries, you should contact the other driver’s insurance company and start the claim process. If the other driver has no insurance or is under-insured, you may need to file the claim with your auto insurance company.

Step 3: Check the Mail

When you file a claim for a settlement for your back injuries, the other driver’s insurance company will send you a letter that confirms they got your claim and will start to negotiate with you. This is a ‘reservation of rights’ letter. This acknowledges they have your claim, but does not accept the claim is truthful and right from their perspective.
At this point, depending on the seriousness of your back injuries, you may want to talk to a personal injury attorney in your state. He may be more effective in negotiating a fair settlement amount if your injuries and damages are more than a few thousand dollars.

Step 4: Breathe

No matter how much you document the accident, how much you show it was the other driver’s fault, and how clearly you show your back injuries, the insurance company will try to reduce what it pays you, or reject the claim outright.
They will probably claim the accident was at least partially your fault so your payment should be less. This is insurance company behavior 101. Just stay with your story. And if you are having a lot of trouble with the insurance provider, talk to a personal injury attorney about taking over negotiations.

Step 5: Serious Negotiations

If you have serious back injuries, you will need to send a damage letter that details your medical bills, lost earnings and other out of pocket expenses. Hopefully, you will be able to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company. If not, you may need to consult an attorney to get a good settlement.

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