How does an Uber accident settlement work?

Uber Accident Settlement Information

Uber accidents are common today, with many former cab riders opting for ride-share services. If you are in an Uber accident, you should know that Uber has insurance to pay for your injuries and damages if you are hit or injured by one of their drivers. Uber has liability insurance with a limit of $1 million. The policy covers passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. 

To file an uber accident settlement claim, you will need to have an accurate record of your medical bills, lost earnings, and medical records that support any claim of pain and suffering you have endured. Pain and suffering claims are always the trickiest part of any settlement, which is why a personal injury attorney is usually needed. 

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But do not think that just because the ride-share company has insurance that they want to pay you. Uber’s insurance company makes money by paying accident victims as little as possible. 

The insurance company may try to frustrate you into accepting a car accident settlement that is below what you deserve. Uber’s insurance company might take a long time to process your claim, make low offers, and pressure you to give them a recorded statement that can be used against you. 

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If you are in an Uber accident, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Get medical attention: You should be seen by a doctor immediately after your Uber accident. Never think that your accident injuries are too minor to justify medical attention. You should see a doctor who can write an official medical record of your injuries. If not, Uber will argue that you were not seriously injured. 
  • Never accept the first settlement offer: Uber’s insurance company might contact you the day after the accident and offer you a small settlement. Their goal is to get you to sign a waiver freeing Uber from further liability – before you understand the severity of your injuries. Do not risk accepting a settlement that does not cover all of your damages. And remember: Uber has liability coverage up to $1 million. The company CAN pay more than what it is offering you, in most circumstances. 
  • Shut off social media: It is tempting to post on Facebook and Twitter about your Uber accident, but this can derail your claim before it starts. Insurance companies and attorneys can access your social media feeds and use them as evidence against you. Just posting a picture of walking with your spouse could be enough to make the insurance company try to deny your claim. 
  • Talk to an attorney: Anyone in any type of Uber accident should talk to an attorney and not try to handle the claim themselves. A lot of money could be at stake, and the insurance company will do its best with a team of aggressive attorneys to keep the payout to a minimum. 

A good personal injury attorney is often well worth the price, especially when there is a large potential settlement possible. Uber has the insurance and resources to pay you properly. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you get the uber accident settlement you deserve. 

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