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Rear Ended Car Accident Settlements

One of the most commonly filed type of car accident lawsuits is when one driver rear ends another. Typically these are easy to prove fault, and tend to happen quite a lot as a result of distracted driving or other factors on the road. Because of this, insurance companies will often pay many rear end car accident settlements without ever going to court.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Getting Rear Ended:

Q: I was rear ended, who is at fault?

A: In almost all rear end car accident cases, the person who did the rear ending is at fault. However circumstances can vary and you should probably speak to an attorney that can look at the specifics of your case.

Q: What are the most common injuries in a rear end car crash?

A: While all sorts of injuries can happen in these crashes, the most frequent injuries that stem from a rear end car accident are back and neck injuries, including whiplash.

Q: What is the average settlement for a rear ended car accident?

A: Depending on the severity of the injuries, rear end car accident settlements have ranged from a few thousand dollars into the millions. If you’ve been rear ended you should probably book a free consultation with a local attorney to discuss your situation.

Q: What should I do if I was rear ended?

A: Document as much as possible! Pictures, police reports, and witness statements are all helpful when you are rear ended. After the fact, you should probably speak to a local attorney about your situation.

Why We Recommend Speaking With An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer:

The benefit of working with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with rear ended car accident cases, is that they have negotiated many of these settlements and know how to talk to insurance companies, who are trained and compensated to pay you as little as possible. A good attorney can argue for more money for loss of income, ongoing medical treatments, and maximize the amount of compensation you get for your pain and suffering. If they decide to take your case, it is usually done on contingency, meaning that they don’t charge any money up front, will pay any case fees or experts associated with your claim, and are compensated as a percentage of your rear end car accident settlement.

As all rear ended car accident cases are different, only an attorney that is familiar with your state’s auto accident laws can tell you if you have a claim worth pursuing and what your best course of action is. To speak with a local car accident attorney that can review your case and discuss your options, please fill out our form or give us a call anytime at 877-810-4067.

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