The first thing you need to do to negotiate a settlement for a rear end collision is to use a calculator to decide how much you could get from settling as opposed to going through an expensive and time-consuming personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver. 

Most car insurance companies use a formula to arrive at a financial damages starting point for a rear end collision settlement. You can use a rear end accident settlement calculator online to get your own figure. 

Auto insurance companies typically use a multiplier of your medical costs to get an estimate of your non-economic damages, which includes compensation for your pain and suffering. This amount is added to your economic damages, including medical costs, damages to property and lost earnings. Added together, this figure from the settlement calculator offers a starting point for settlement negotiations. 

If you are ready to use our Rear End Collision Settlement Calculator, you can get started now.

Rear End Collision Settlement Calculator Example

A rear end collision settlement calculator might look like this: 

  1. Medical costs (total of medical bills even if you did not pay out of pocket): _________________
  2. Property damages (Vehicle damage in the rear end accident):______________
  3. Lost earnings(If you have missed work time because of accident injuries, enter the sum of your lost income. Also factor in PTO you had to take):_________________
  4. Future lost earnings(If you will miss work because of your injuries and or ongoing treatments, enter an estimate here): ______________
  5. Estimated future medical costs (If you need ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, enter them here): __________________
  6. Multiplier for general damages (Used to estimate your pain and suffering – choose a number between 1.5 and 5, keeping in mind that only very serious injuries with months or years of recovery will qualify for a 4 or 5): ____________
  7. Economic damages (Sum of special damages, or economic losses):__________________
  8. Non-economic damages (pain and suffering damages based on the multiplier selected):_________________
  9. Total Settlement Estimate:______________________

More Rear End Collision Settlement Calculator Information

In most rear end collision accidents, you have economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are also called “special damages.” These are easy to obtain a value for: medical treatment bills, lost earnings and property damage. All you need to determine these is have your invoices or bills, and a calculator, and add them up. 

Non-economic or general damages are what you may get for pain and suffering, which can include physical discomfort, mental anxiety and stress and the effect the injuries have on your life. Putting a fixed dollar amount on these damages is difficult. As the accident victim, you will want to use a bigger multiplier. The insurance company wants to use a lower number. 

The multiplier that is used in the end depends on several things: How bad are your injuries? How many medical treatments have you had? How many medical treatments will you need now and later on? Are your injuries long term or permanent? How much have your accident injuries affected your life? 

It is wise to consult with a personal injury attorney to get an idea the multiplier that could be used in your case. That is the key factor that will affect how much you receive in a rear end collision settlement.