Do you need a lawyer for a car accident? This post and video should help. After a car accident there are usually lots of questions, ranging from where to get your car fixed to what type of medical treatment you need. In a legal sense, speaking to an experienced car accident lawyer following your accident is almost always a good idea.

Depending on the circumstances, and the seriousness of your auto accident, there are many benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney. The video below talks about some of the circumstances in which you may or may not want to hire an attorney for your car accident lawsuit.


Do You Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident: Video Transcript:

After an auto accident, there are generally three types of damages you can seek compensation for. Depending on the extent of the damages, you may want to contact an attorney.

  1. Property Damage Cases

Usually if you suffered no personal injuries, the compensation is simple and limited to the replacement or repair value of your

  1. Minor Injury Cases

If your case involves personal injuries Minor injuries that result in less than a $1,000.00 in medical bills.

  1. Major Injury Cases

If your case involves anything more than property damage and minor injuries, it is likely that you will benefit by hiring an attorney. If you have a major injury, you should contact an attorney.

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