So a careless driver t-boned your car in a busy intersection, causing you serious injuries and major damage to your vehicle. You agree to let the driver pay for your damages directly, without filing with the insurance company so they don’t get their rates hiked. But after several months, the person stops paying you, so you decide to file a car accident claim with the insurance company.

Did you wait too long? 

The time limits to file a car accident insurance claim depend on the insurance company and your state laws. Generally, a car accident claim for personal injuries must be filed within two years by the laws of most states. Property damage claims must be filed within three years. The legal term for these time limits is known as the statute of limitations. Note that while you do not need to have the claim resolved within those time limits, you need to have it filed in the proper court. 

Find out the maximum compensation you could receive.

  • How Much is Your Injury Claim Worth?