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Are you suffering from back and neck injury after car accident?

Some of the most common injuries that occur in auto accidents are injuries to a person’s back and neck. Below are some of the most common injuries, how they occur, and what some average settlement ranges:

Different types of back and neck injury after car accident:

1. Whiplash and Neck Injuries – Whiplash is a very common injury and can occur days or even weeks after the accident. It happens when a car is hit, causing the body to jerk forward quickly. The head usually trails by a second, causing injuries the muscles and soft tissue in the neck. While the average neck injury car accident settlement amounts vary, the nationwide average is somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for neck injuries in car accidents. Severe neck injuries or neck injuries in conjunction with concussions or other brain injuries have settled for 6 and 7 figure sums. Neck injury car accident symptoms can sometimes take days to show up.

Back and Neck Injuries After Car Accident

2. Back Injuries: There are many types of lower back injuries that can occur in car accidents. The most common are soft tissue injuries, herniated or slipped discs, or spinal cord injuries. These can occur in a variety of ways and settlement amounts have ranged from a few thousand dollars for minor injuries, to millions of dollars for car accidents causing paralysis or other serious back and spine injuries. Many back and neck injuries after a car accident result in loss of income, which is calculated into the settlement.

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Because these types of injuries can vary so greatly in their severity and average compensation amount, we always recommend that you discuss your options with a local attorney. All the lawyers in our network offer a free initial consultation in which you can discuss the specific details of your situation and go over your options.

Benefits Of Discussing Your Back or Neck Injury Claim With A Skilled Auto Accident Lawyer, Injured In A Car Accident:

The benefit of working with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with car accident cases, is that they have negotiated settlements and know how to talk to insurance companies, who are trained and compensated to pay you as little as possible. If you’ve suffered back and neck injuries after a car accident, good attorney can argue for more money for loss of income, ongoing medical treatments, and maximize the amount of compensation you get for car accident lawsuit. If they decide to take your case, it is usually done on contingency, meaning that they don’t charge any money up front, will pay any case fees or experts associated with your claim, and are compensated as a percentage of your settlement. If you are going to try and file yourself, learn about how to file a car accident claim.

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