Auto Accident Settlement Offer: Don’t Get Lowballed

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you are likely facing some challenging decisions regarding your injuries, property, and possibly even your job. You may also have an insurance company contacting you with an auto accident settlement offer. They may want you to settle right away, and offer you a small amount of money to do so. This offer may not be in your best interest, however.

Being skeptical in times like these is important. Getting more information about your injuries and how much your claim is worth is vital to getting a fair auto accident claim settlement.

Auto Accident Settlement Offer

Taking the First Offer is Usually a Bad Idea

You should take a hard look at this offer. The first offer is usually just a starting point for negotiation. The insurance company simply gets lucky if you end up taking their lower offer.

When you are considering an auto accident claim settlement offer, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this offer going to cover my out-of-pocket medical expenses?
  • Do I need money for a new car? Will this offer cover the cost of fixing my old car?
  • Will I be out of work for any amount of time? Will this offer cover my expenses while I am not working?
  • Are my injuries expected to have long-term consequences?
  • Will this offer cover any future medical expenses that I might have?

Be sure to think about all of your expenses combined when answering these question as well.

You may want to ask the insurance company to explain why they are offering such a low auto accident settlement offer. Occasionally the adjuster will explain some of the weaknesses of your case that you may be able to use against the insurance company later.

You should always keep in mind that the insurance company is not on your side—it wants to pay the lowest amount it can to make your claim go away.

Getting a Lawyer to Negotiate Your Auto Accident Settlement Offer

Insurance companies do not want to involve attorneys because involving an attorney almost always means that the auto accident claim settlement will be higher. That also means that the insurance company may try to convince you that you do not need a lawyer, even when consulting with one is likely in your best interests.

Having a lawyer on your side to negotiate your auto accident claim settlement is an invaluable resource. Insurance adjusters negotiate every day, so they are likely more experienced than you are. Using an attorney helps level the playing field. He or she can also point out strengths in your case to the insurance company that you may not have realized,

You can speak to an attorney in your local area for free by calling 877-810-4067, 24 hours a day.