Progressive Arbitration Process

If you were in an automobile accident and have Progressive auto insurance, you should understand the arbitration process in the event. Arbitration is a pre-agreed, neutral legal forum where you and Progressive can resolve legal disputes without going to trial or dealing with the Progressive Claims Process. This is often a better option because it is faster and less expensive. The decision of the arbitration professional or panel is final and there is no appeal.

This can be a good legal choice if car accident settlement talks have reached an impasse. Below is more information about the arbitration process with Progressive.

Overview of Progressive Arbitration Process

You will begin the arbitration process by telling Progressive that you intend to go to arbitration to resolve your accident claim. This is done in writing.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance

One of the most critical aspects of going to arbitration is choosing who is going to be the arbitrator. You will probably have to negotiate with Progressive over this. The majority of arbitrators are retired judges or attorneys. You can find lists of neutral and qualified arbitrators at organizations such as AAA. They are required to be neutral and fair according to the law.

Arbitrator Is Selected

After you and Progressive have chosen the arbitrator, a date for the arbitration hearing is set. This also is the deadline for each side to turn in documents and evidence that support your side of the case. You could submit documents that show your rehabilitations is costing more than Progressive is offering. Progressive could submit documents that show that your rehabilitation is not as long as you claim.

After each side turns in their evidence and they have reviewed them, you and Progressive will have the opportunity to settle the case. There is a cooling off period before the arbitration hearing that is designed for this. Each side could see the other has a stronger argument than they thought. About 2/3 of arbitration cases are settled in this way before the hearing.

However, if the case does go to arbitration, each side will present their evidence to the arbitrator or panel.

Decision Rendered

After the arbitration hearing, the arbitrator will give their awards statement. This can take a week or two. It is a brief statement that indicates what you are awarded, if anything, and who is paying assorted legal fees. There is no appeal.

Speak to An Attorney

The arbitration process is a complex legal procedure. It is smart to have an experienced attorney at your side, or at least review your case before you go to arbitration with Progressive. Use our website to find an experienced attorney in your area.