Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit


Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Johnson & Johnson produces talcum-based products that have been marketed as female hygiene essentials, including Shower to Shower and Baby Powder. Unfortunately, these products have been linked to ovarian cancer, and there is evidence that Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical powerhouse, knew about the relationship between ovarian cancer and talcum [...]

IVC Filter Removal Guidelines


IVC Filter Removal Guidelines IVC filters are designed to prevent blood clots from traveling through the veins and entering the vital organs, particularly the lungs and heart. There are thousands of IVC filters in use today, and over half of these are considered “optional” placements. The market for IVC filters reached $181 billion in 2010 [...]

Back Injury Car Accident Settlements


Back Injury Car Accident Settlements Back injuries are extremely common following a car accident. However, you might not realize just how serious your back injury really is until sometime after the accident. You may just have a sprain or strain, but you could also have something more serious like a disk problem or bone fractures. In [...]

Auto Accident Settlement Offer – How To Maximize Yours


Auto Accident Settlement Offer: Don't Get Lowballed If you have been involved in an auto accident, you are likely facing some challenging decisions regarding your injuries, property, and possibly even your job. You may also have an insurance company contacting you with an auto accident settlement offer. They may want you to settle right away, [...]

Auto Accident Lawsuit Settlement Amounts


Auto Accident Lawsuit Settlement Amounts Auto accident lawsuit settlement amounts vary widely. Each case is unique, which makes each case worth a different amount of money. Perhaps the most important aspect of an auto accident lawsuit when determining value is how badly you or your loved one was injured. If you have a serious injury, [...]

Xarelto Lawsuit Settlement Amounts


Xarelto Lawsuit Settlement Amounts Xarelto is a blood thinner often prescribed to patients who have an irregular heartbeat, blood clots in the lungs, or who have suffered from a stroke. Some patients who have undergone a recent knee or hip replacement surgery may also take Xarelto. But due to a variety of factors, Xarelto lawsuit [...]